Baby Arjun Arrives

I know some people noticed from my last blog post that I was pregnant, so I wanted to provide a happy update about that.

Last July baby Arjun was born at a healthy 7 lb 10 oz (3459 grams). Doctors had to do a C-section once they saw my condition on Monday afternoon. I had rather casually walked out of the office Monday afternoon thinking I’d be back after a quick hospital visit, but apparently Arjun had other ideas. The C-section was terrifying, but thank goodness everything went by in a flurry and the baby arrived healthy and wailing.

Baby Arjun

Arjun Sankar: my first child and second baby (after Piazza)

I’m lying in bed with baby Arjun blissfully asleep on my chest. It’s difficult for me to really fall asleep because I’m afraid he’ll roll off (even though I’ve kept tons of pillows all around me), so I keep waking up! And yet I want him to sleep on me rather than in his crib beside me. Such is motherhood, in the first week, at least.

I am learning how to fit in enough naps over a 24 hour period, so I seem to be recovering fine.

I wanted to thank everyone on the team at Piazza and all of the well-wishers from greater Piazza-land. Everyone has been wonderful, and Shyam, my family and I are very grateful for your help, support, and friendship.

More details to come.

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